When to Contact TRAF

Basic Changes

Be sure to advise TRAF of these changes by completing a Change Notification. If you have problems printing the form, you can contact TRAF and we will send you a copy.

Make sure you let us know if your address changes. Send us your old and new address so we can be sure to update our files accurately.

Country of Permanent Residency
To help prevent complications at tax time, it is important to let us know if your permanent residency status changes.

Banking Information
Ensure your pension payments are not interrupted by sending us a void cheque or letter from your financial institution with your bank number, branch number, as well as your new and old account numbers if your banking information changes.

Tax Deduction Amount
You may change the amount of income tax deducted from your pension as long as it is not reduced below the required Canada Revenue Agency amount. This was determined when you completed the TD1 form when you went on pension. You need to advise TRAF of the fixed dollar amount you want deducted from your pension payment. If you think you may qualify for additional tax credits, you should complete a new TD1 form and submit it to TRAF.

Life Events
Be sure to advise TRAF of these changes by contacting a Member Service Specialist.

  • Death
    We recognize that this is a difficult time, but it is important that TRAF be advised as soon as possible if a death occurs. Depending on the plan option you selected at retirement, your pension may be affected if your spouse/partner passes away. Alerting our office will prevent pension overpayments which you would be required to return to TRAF later.

    In addition, if your spouse/partner passes away, you may wish to designate a contingent beneficiary for any contributions and interest remaining in your account at the time of your death. Generally, contributions and interest are paid out within eight or nine years of collecting pension.
  • Marriage/Common-Law Breakdown
    If you and your spouse or common-law partner break up permanently, your partner is entitled to half of the pension earned from the date of marriage or common-law relationship to the date of separation.
  • Teaching after Retirement
    If you return to teach in a Manitoba public school after you retire, you should be aware of the number of days you can teach before it affects your pension.