Income Tax

Income tax is a mandatory deduction, and is calculated based only on your TRAF payment.

If you are living outside of Canada, income tax is deducted at the non-resident rate.

Income from other sources is not taken into consideration. So if you have other income during retirement, you may wish to increase the amount of income tax withheld from your pension. You can increase your deduction by downloading and completing a Change Notification or call us for a copy of the form.

Optional Deductions

Depending on the benefits you select at retirement, the deductions below may be taken off your gross pension amount.

Although TRAF accepts deductions for these organizations, we do not administer the benefits they provide. Therefore, it is essential that you contact each organization directly if you have any questions regarding their benefits.

RTAM 204-889-3660 1-888-393-8082
Johnson (RTAM members only) - 1-877-989-2600
Manulife (former Winnipeg SD teachers only) WTA at 204-831-7104 1-800-268-6195
Manitoba Blue Cross 204-775-0151 1-800-873-2583