Online Services


Join the thousands of members who are experiencing the many benefits offered by TRAF's Online Services. Register today to gain access to these features:

  • Pension correspondence
    View documents such as your T4A and pension change notices, which are issued whenever there is a change to the amount of your pension payment and provide you with details of the difference.

  • Pension account
    Review your pension payments and details including gross amounts, deductions, and your net deposits. You can also review which plan option you selected at retirement, your current federal and provincial tax credits and your accumulated cost of living adjustments (COLA).

  • Share documents
    Easily share documents with us by uploading them to TRAF's secure platform.
  • Tax calculator
    Determine how much income tax TRAF is required to withhold from your gross monthly pension. Use the calculator to experiment with different scenarios, such as living in another province or claiming different tax credits.
  • Contact information update
    Update your email, address or phone number instantly. Ensure your information is always up to date so that important correspondence continues to reach you. We encourage you to use a personal email address and make sure you add a current phone number.

  • Language Preference
    Choose to receive certain documents such as The Horizon newsletter or your pension change notice in French.

  • Periodic email communications from TRAF
    Receive periodic communications from TRAF by email, such as notifications when The Horizon newsletter, TRAF's annual report or your pension change notice are available.

  • Teaching account history
    View a history of your yearly salary, service and contributions, as well as service purchase and transfer records.

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