Retired Members

As a retired member, it is especially important that you keep your contact information up-to-date with TRAF. If your mail is returned from your last known address, we will make reasonable attempts to contact you. At TRAF's discretion, electronic pension payments may be discontinued until contact is made with you. In the meantime, you can collect your pension payments from our office.


Find out about the various deductions from your pension, such as income tax and health coverage.

Online Services
You can register for Online Services to access information such as your TRAF pension account and your detailed teaching account history. At tax time, you will also have access to your T4A tax slip prior to mail delivery of this document.

Understanding your COLA
Learn more about the cost of living adjustment (COLA), when you receive it, and how it's calculated. Remember, there is no guarantee of a COLA.

How Teaching After Retirement Affects Your Pension
Did you know there's a limit to the number of days you can teach in a Manitoba public school before it affects your pension?

Report Your Relationship Breakdown
Make sure we know about these changes as prompt reporting ensures that the matters related to the division of pension are cleared up quickly.