Retired Members

Getting started

As a retired member, it is especially important that you keep your contact information up-to-date with TRAF. In order for you to receive electronic deposit of your pension payments, TRAF must have a current mailing address, email and phone number. If your mail is returned to TRAF undelivered, we will attempt to contact you by email and telephone for an address update. If we are unsuccessful, you will no longer be eligible for the electronic deposit of your pension payments. Your monthly pension cheques will be printed and held in our office until contact has been re-established.

Register for and log in to Online Services and click “Account Profile” to update your contact information, review your pension payments and deductions, and access tools and information that can help you with your tax planning.

It is also important that you keep us informed about any life events such as the death of a member or spouse, a relationship breakdown, or a return to teaching or other employment covered by the TRAF pension plan.

We encourage you to review Welcome to Retirement and explore the links in this section of the website to learn more about your TRAF pension.


Membership categories

  • Retired members are those who are receiving monthly pension payments from the plan.
  • Active members are the public school teachers and other eligible employees in Manitoba who are accruing service under the TRAF pension plan.
  • Deferred members are those who have contributions remaining in the plan but who have left teaching or other eligible employment in Manitoba. Although they no longer contribute to TRAF, these members have a benefit entitlement under that plan. Eligibility for your benefit will depend on age, service and salary. If you are in this category, we encourage you to contact TRAF for details.