Apply For Pension


Generally, you should apply for pension three months before you want to receive your first payment. An application may be submitted up to 12 months in advance. There is no need to wait until you have notified your school division of your intent as TRAF does not share information with other parties. It is best that you notify us of your intent well in advance of notifying your school division.

A late application will result in lost income since pensions are not paid retroactively.

Required documents

  • Pension Application
    Before you make your decision, make sure you understand how each plan option works including how your pension is impacted on your death or your partner's death, if applicable.

    Submit your application and the required documents to TRAF at least three months prior to the date you want your pension to start, and up to 12 months in advance, except for Form 5A – Waiver of 60% Joint Survivor Pension, if applicable, which must be submitted within 60 days prior to your pension effective date.

    If you are registered for Online Services, you can apply for your pension online. Alternatively, you can contact our office for a paper copy of the Pension Application.

  • Authorization and Waiver
    If you are married or common-law and you select a plan option other than Plan D – 2/3 to Last Survivor, or if you wish to integrate your TRAF pension with CPP and/or OAS, your partner will need to complete the Spouse/Common-law Partner section of the Pension Application.

    In addition, The Pension Benefits Act (Manitoba) requires a minimum pension of 60% be paid to a spouse/common-law partner on the member's death. If you select a plan option that provides less than 60% to your partner (ie. Plan A, B, E, F or H, if applicable), your partner must waive the minimum requirement by completing and submitting to TRAF Form 5A – Waiver of 60% Joint Survivor Pension, within 60 days prior to your pension effective date. TRAF will provide this form directly to your partner by mail at that time.

    If the required waiver is not completed and submitted within the prescribed time limit, your pension will default to Plan D – 2/3 to Last Survivor without integration.

    Your partner may revoke the authorization and waiver at any time before your pension commences by providing written notice to our office.

  • Consent for Integration
    If you are married or common-law and you wish to integrate your pension with CPP and/or OAS, in addition to completing the waiver included on the Pension Application, The Pension Benefits Act (Manitoba) requires that your partner provide consent by completing Form 5B – Consent for Integrated Pension.

  • Proof of Age
    We require an original or certified copy of your birth certificate, valid Canadian passport, baptismal certificate or citizenship papers. If choosing Plans C - G, we also require proof of age for your partner. A certified copy is a photocopy of the original document that is signed by a Commissioner for Oaths, Notary Public (all lawyers are notaries), minister of religion, postmaster, bank manager or an employee of TRAF, certifying that it is a true copy of the original document. A driver's licence cannot be accepted as proof of age.

  • Banking Information
    A void cheque or a letter from your Canadian bank or credit union is required to deposit your TRAF pension directly into your account.

  • TD1 Federal and Provincial Personal Tax Credit Forms
    These forms will be sent to you along with your pension application package.

  • Healthcare Coverage
    Although TRAF does not administer these benefits, certain premiums may be deducted from your pension payment. Some healthcare providers require you to submit the application directly to them. This information will be sent to you along with your pension application package.

Once we have determined your documents are in order, you will receive confirmation outlining the details of your pension including the effective date, plan option and first payment date.

If you are married or common-law and you select a plan option that provides less than the minimum 60% pension for your partner, TRAF will provide your partner with the applicable waiver within 60 days of your pension effective date.

Your application is not valid until all required documents are submitted to TRAF. An incomplete application may delay processing so it is important that you provide all the information required. If we receive an incomplete application, we will contact you.

Changes to your application can only be made before you receive your first pension payment.

Optional Deductions

Depending on the benefits you select at retirement, the deductions below may be taken off your gross pension amount.

Although TRAF accepts deductions for these organizations, we do not administer the benefits they provide. Therefore, it is essential that you contact each organization directly if you have any questions regarding their benefits.

RTAM 204-889-3660 1-888-393-8082
Johnson Inc. (RTAM members only) - 1-877-989-2600
Manulife (former Winnipeg SD teachers only) WTA at 204-831-7104 1-800-268-6195


During the first month, you will receive correspondence explaining:

  • Your gross pension amount as well as your deductions
  • Adjustments required to the first pension payment for any shortage or overpayment in required contributions, if applicable
  • Healthcare coverage premiums including any adjustments to collect a premium in advance of the following prepaid month, if necessary
  • The calculation of your final pension includes a test to ensure that your contributions with interest do not exceed 50% of the value of your pension. If you have excess contributions, you will be notified and given options for the refund.

Welcome to Retirement outlines what you need to know about your TRAF pension throughout your retirement.