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Join the thousands of members who are experiencing the many benefits offered by TRAF's Online Services. Register today to gain access to these features:

  • My TRAF Documents
    View documents you may have received or saved, such as any pension estimates or annual statements, which contain important information such as projected gross monthly pension estimates at age 55, 60 and 65, your termination benefit and your pre-retirement survivor's benefit. They also confirm your beneficiary designation in the event you pass away before your pension begins.

  • Pension Estimator
    Active members can experiment with a variety of pension variables, such as planned retirement age or date, salary and other factors to instantly see what their monthly pension amount might be if they retire between the ages of 55 and 65.

  • Apply for your pension online
    Complete your pension application online up to one year in advance. Once eligible, you are responsible for applying to receive your pension. A late application will result in lost income since pensions are not paid retroactively. You must be registered for Online Services in order to apply for your pension.

  • Share documents
    Easily share documents, including your pension application and other supporting documents, with us by uploading them to TRAF's secure platform.

  • Digital presentations
    Learn about your pension plan by reviewing recordings of webinars and other digital presentations.

  • Service purchase applications
    Use the online calculator to estimate the cost to purchase pensionable service for your maternity/parental/adoption leaves. You can apply online when you choose to make payments during or within 18 months of your leave.

  • Beneficiary designation
    Designate or update your beneficiary for your pre-retirement survivor's benefit, which is payable if you pass away before your pension commences.

  • Tax Calculator
    Determine how much income tax TRAF is required to withhold from your gross monthly pension upon retirement. Use the calculator to experiment with different scenarios, such as living in another province or claiming different tax credits.

  • Periodic email communications from TRAF
    Receive periodic communications from TRAF by email, such as notifications when The Link newsletter, TRAF's annual report or your annual benefits statement are available.

  • Teaching account history
    View your yearly salary, service and contributions as well as service purchase and transfer records.

  • Contact information update
    Update your email, address or phone number instantly. Ensure your information is always up to date so that important correspondence continues to reach you. We encourage you to use a personal email address and make sure you add a current phone number.

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