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Create or Copy a File

Creating a File

You can use this function if you can't upload a file. You can also add records to the created batch.

  • At School Division Batch Summary screen press F7 to create a batch, 'y' and Enter. Message at the bottom of the screen reads, "batch xxx was created, it contains no records".
  • Put an 'x' beside the batch number and Enter.
  • Key option 'A' and Enter.
  • Key in SIN #, Year/Month, Service Type (3, 74,77), TRAF Contributions, Days Paid, Days in Working Year, POS (if less than 100%), and Contractual Salary.
  • F10 locks fields that should remain the same for other records such as All But SIN #, Contributions, Days Paid, and Contractual Salary.
  • F7 to add record. Message at the bottom of the screen reads "Record was added, etc." and above that, it shows you the previous records' SIN/Name.

Copying a File

You can use this function if you want to copy a previous batch and then modify it to fit the current term. For example, if you cannot upload files, you can copy a batch you created previously so that you don't have to enter the same information again.

  • At School Division Batch Summary screen enter 'c' beside the batch you want to copy and Enter.
  • Enter the date you want to assign to all the records in the new batch. Then enter the Days in the Working Year and Possible Days Paid for the service type specified. For example, 122 days for regular (type 3) records.
  • F6 to copy batch. Message at the bottom reads, "batch # xxx was created from batch # xxx via a copy".
  • Key an 'x' beside batch and do all necessary changes, additions, deletions and splits. Check carefully to be sure that no records are left from the old batch that should not be included in the new batch.