Q. Is "top-up" pay on maternity leave pensionable?

No. "Top-up" pay on maternity leave is not pensionable. TRAF contributions should not be deducted and should not be reported to us.

Q. Should salary adjustments go in the N.S.P.E. field?

No. Only daily head teacher pay, daily Acting Principal pay, or allowances for part-time teachers who have an allowance paid at a different FTE than their contract FTE, should go into that field.

Salary adjustments should not affect annual contractual salaries.

Q. How do I report personal leave days?

If the teacher received partial pay for a day missed, the day must be reported as a fully pensionable day and TRAF must be deducted as if they worked the full day.

If the teacher was deducted at the per diem rate, reduce the pensionable day(s) paid accordingly.