Governance Committee


The Governance Committee has various responsibilities, including regularly evaluating TRAF's governance structure, including the relevant policies and procedures, and making recommendations for improvements to the Board. The Governance Committee also periodically arranges for TRAF's governance practices to be benchmarked against industry standards. Additional details regarding the function of the Governance Committee are set out in its Terms of Reference.

The current members of the Governance Committee are set out below.

James Bedford
Appointed to committee December 4, 2019

James is currently the President of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society. Prior to his election as President, he served as Vice President of the Society and, before that, as a high school science and mathematics teachers in the Louis Riel, St. Boniface and Norwood School Divisions. He has served as President of the St. Boniface Teachers’ Association and as a Vice President of the Louis Riel Teachers’ Association. James has also served as the Chief Governance Officer and Chair of the Disability Benefits Plan of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society.

James received a Bachelor of Science (4-year) degree from the University of Winnipeg, a Master of Science (Health and Radiation Physics) degree from McMaster University and a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Winnipeg.

Tammy HTammy Hodgins Rector Webodgins-Rector
Appointed to committee March 19, 2018

Tammy is a counsellor at Sanford Collegiate in the Red River Valley School Division. She has been an active member of the Red River Valley Teachers' Association since 1998 and has served in various capacities, including: President, Past President and Collective Bargaining Chairperson. She is currently the Workplace Safety and Health Chairperson.

Tammy has served on several provincial committees related to education, finance, collective bargaining and teacher certification.

Tammy received her Bachelor of Education (1996) from the University of Winnipeg and her School Administrator's Certificate in 2004.

3492 TRAF Brenda Tobac 214 cropped 3 Brenda Tobac
Appointed to committee March 19, 2018